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Aquabout: Your Dedicated Freshwater Aquarium Guide
Discover a world where aquatic life thrives in harmony. Aquabout is a treasure trove of knowledge for home aquarium enthusiasts in the US, focusing exclusively on freshwater aquariums. From insightful product reviews to practical advice, engaging aquarium science videos, appealing merchandise, and regular blog posts, we cover it all!

Mission Statement

Empowering Aquarium Hobbyists
Our mission at Aquabout is simple: assist hobbyists in creating the perfect habitat for their fish and aquatic pets. We turn aquarium dreams into reality, ensuring every enthusiast, from novice to expert, experiences the joy and relaxation of a well-maintained aquarium.

Our Story

A Journey Begun in 2022
Aquabout was born out of passion. Established in 2022 and fueling the aquarium hobby with about two insightful articles per week, our site has become a favorite among enthusiasts for its in-depth, unbiased content and high rate of returning visitors.

Who We Are

A Team of Dedicated Hobbyists
We are a group of aquarium aficionados, united by our love for aquatic life and the art of fishkeeping. Our expertise spans proper tank maintenance, fish care, and creative aquarium design. At Aquabout, we share our years of experience and learning with a community that cherishes aquatic life as much as we do.

Our Responsibility

Unwavering Editorial Integrity
At Aquabout, we pride ourselves on our unbiased approach. We don’t accept sponsorships from third parties, ensuring our reviews and content are impartial and trustworthy. Our review process includes thorough research, consistent evaluation, fact-checking, and addressing biases. We believe in responsible aquarium practices that don’t harm the environment, advocating against activities like coral reef destruction and capturing endangered marine species.

Connect With Us

Engage, Learn, and Grow with Aquabout
Join our vibrant community! Engage with us through our videos, social media platforms, and email newsletters. We are always open to feedback and suggestions, as they help us improve and cater better to your aquarium needs. Aquabout isn’t just a website; it’s a community where formal, casual, humorous, and inspiring conversations about aquariums thrive.

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